I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt – caychro
I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt
I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt
I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt
I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt

I-TRAIN™ - Professional Self Training Soccer Belt

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How to Upgrade your soccer level without a coach trainer?

The I-TRAIN™ gives young players the touches they need to master ball control, develop proper passing and shooting techniques, and improve receiving. Maximize your training by minimizing ball chasing. Fits most players and securely holds size 3, 4 and 5 soccer balls.

Train with one of the world’s best. The Star-Kick gives younger players the maximum touches they need to build their shooting, passing and receiving skills—all without the chase.

Holds strong and fits comfortably. Designed to fit size 3, 4 and 5 soccer balls, its comfortable belt and secure ball glove combine to make it the must-have soccer trainer for all soccer fans. 

✅ MASTER BALL CONTROL. Improve your control of the ball with better technique, head to toe. Maximize touches as you improve passing, dribbling, and overall footwork with the SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer.

✅ FORGET THE CHASE. With a high-quality, adjustable cord that stretches up to 18 ft. and a durable tethered waistband, you will stop wasting your time chasing the ball and spend more time perfecting your performance.

✅ PASS LIKE A PRO. Develop confidence with the Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer by SKLZ. Keep your eye on the goal as you practice independently so you’ll be ready for every game. Improve shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, and throw-ins.

✅ ALL LEVELS. The neoprene ball glove fits ball sizes 3, 4, and 5. Players of all levels can use this soccer tool to gain more authority over the ball. Forwards and goalies alike can all use the SKLZ Star-Kicker Solo Soccer Trainer to improve their play.

✅ INVEST IN YOUR GOALS. Investing in sports equipment means investing in your training and athletic goals. Give yourself the tools to work toward your athletic skill with the SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer.

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✅ Would this work for Volleyball practice as well? Yes, It may the cord is elastic so the return time would be quickened but as for serving and digging

✅ would this fit a grown man with somewhat of a belly? Doesn't come close to fitting my husband with a 36-inch waist 

✅ how tight can you make the waistband? My son is 7 and built like a toothpick. Enter google and type "DTV Channels (Your Country)"

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